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Research Outpatient Clinic for Autonomic Nervous System Diseases


Working group head:
University Clinic Aachen (RWTH)


Research types:
Epidemiological research




The research outpatient clinic for diseases of the autonomic nervous system (ANS outpatient clinic) scientifically deals with the identification of disease-specific clinical, laboratory chemical and histological markers for diseases of the autonomic nervous system, including through special functional diagnostics of the autonomic nervous system and their evaluation in the context of clinical, laboratory chemical and follow-up parameters. The aim of the neuroscientific research work is to gain a better understanding of diseases of the autonomic nervous system and to establish an improved prediction of individual disease progression, improved diagnostics in the area of these rare diseases and possible therapeutic approaches. The scientific work is carried out in close collaboration with other specialist disciplines such as urology, internal medicine, pain medicine, palliative medicine and neuropathology. In addition, the ANS outpatient clinic cooperates throughout Germany and in close connection with patient organizations. (Description adapted from working group website: see link above)
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