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Translational Immunology Group


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Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH)


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Clinical research




The Sawitzki lab investigates the molecular mechanisms of immune cell activation and tolerance induction, in order to better understand why components of the immune response themselves become a trigger of destructive inflammatory reactions, like e.g. in the context of autoimmune diseases, rejection reactions after organ transplantation or COVID19 diseases. To gain fundamental insights into molecular control mechanisms of immune cell activation and immune tolerance, they analyse the mode of action of immune cells in preclinical models and novel 3D culture systems. With the help of genetic modifications, they try to identify important factors in the immune control and reveal their mode of action in detail. One particular focus lies on factors that influence T-cell differentiation and activation. Using multi-parametric technologies (cytometry, imaging, scRNAseq), the group uncovers pathological changes in the composition and function of immune cells in patient cohorts or material. (Description adapted from working group website: see link above)
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