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Project description

Care for ME/CFS aims to develop practical guidelines to facilitate needs-oriented and evidence-based care for those affected by ME/CFS. The focus lies on the subject areas of diagnosis, treatment/care and creation of focal points. As with the CCCFS project, those affected by ME/CFS can take part in the study using a questionnaire. In addition, non-affected people have the opportunity to participate via an ideas box.

In order to include ME/CFS-relevant topics that are not adequately reflected in the CCCFS questionnaire in the Care for ME/CFS project, the Austrian Society for ME/CFS has started a survey. Experiences and knowledge about the topics of care, everyday life, diagnoses, therapies, amongst others, can be included in the idea box. It is also possible for people who are not affected, such as relatives, medical staff or specialists from other fields of work, to include their experiences. Participation in the ideas box is possible for everyone via the website of the Austrian Society for ME/CFS.

(Description adapted from project website: see link above)

Patient cohort

Patients with ME/CFS diagnosis, relatives of patients, medical staff or specialists from other fields.

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